Once again I found myself neglecting this garden of mine

Have the Wild reclaim this little patch of land that I can’t find mySelf again

I don’t know

But here I am again

Stepping across that veil which separate me from ME

Ah my dear one … how have you been

Are you still tending those seeds which we have planted eons ago

Or you just keep walking through the hail and storm till your feet bleed with our blood

My dear one, please talk to me

We are here now and let us walk together once again

imperfect ME

Marine Life at Coolum Beach

I’ve been dreading to write up a post for weeks. And you know why?  Because I had these criteria which I wrote down a few weeks ago about how the posts should be like.  I want them to be thoughtful, meaningful, fun, honest and inspiring!

And came this morning, I got so sick and tired of this nagging feeling that I just said to myself:  What the heck! I’ll just write a post and be done with it!

The lesson that I keep learning over and over and over again is this:

The desire to be perfect will never leave me.  It has taken a very deep root inside of me.  That’s fine!  Because I know that the perfectionist is just a part of me.  She is not ME!  The ME is always stronger than her! 🙂