Once again I found myself neglecting this garden of mine

Have the Wild reclaim this little patch of land that I can’t find mySelf again

I don’t know

But here I am again

Stepping across that veil which separate me from ME

Ah my dear one … how have you been

Are you still tending those seeds which we have planted eons ago

Or you just keep walking through the hail and storm till your feet bleed with our blood

My dear one, please talk to me

We are here now and let us walk together once again

Wild Garden

A photo of part of a garden

When I first started this blog on end of 2014, I mentioned in my about page that this will be a place for me to share about the ups and downs of my creative journey. Well, I haven’t done much. In fact I had done only the minimal.

I’m not proud of it. But when you were going through existential crisis, blogging was not on top of the To Do List.

However, here I am (again) …

Is this going to last? I hope so. Because I have all these knotty things in my chest that wanting to come out.  I’m turning this place into a wild garden of my life. A life which is full of confusions, struggles, hopes and shimmers. (Yes, I like shiny things.)

This is the garden where I am to watch and learn (again) about ME

iT’s tIme

Ocean Glitter


Me standing at the balcony

I’ve been living by the sea for some time and as much as I want to say that I’m happy … I’m not.  There’re so many reasons & things I could say to myself that I must stay.  But my gut has been telling me otherwise … for a few months now.

So I think it’s time!


HJ Dog Tag 2 copy

The first post is always the most intimidating one.  You want to impress people. You want them to like you. You want them to come back for more.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it. Anyway, this is what I’m going to do …

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