iT’s tIme

Ocean Glitter


Me standing at the balcony

I’ve been living by the sea for some time and as much as I want to say that I’m happy … I’m not.  There’re so many reasons & things I could say to myself that I must stay.  But my gut has been telling me otherwise … for a few months now.

So I think it’s time!

never Give Up

Never Never Never Give Up notecard on the wall

We all hear people telling us not to give up of our dream or whatever you’re doing. But how many people would sit down next to a struggling person and tell him/her that they understand their urges to throw up the towels and call for the day!

– Do you know how many times when I walk to my work table, all I want is to go to the beach and join all the holiday makers around me to have fun?  (Yes, here in Australia it is summer holiday!) Most of the time!

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imperfect ME

Marine Life at Coolum Beach

I’ve been dreading to write up a post for weeks. And you know why?  Because I had these criteria which I wrote down a few weeks ago about how the posts should be like.  I want them to be thoughtful, meaningful, fun, honest and inspiring!

And came this morning, I got so sick and tired of this nagging feeling that I just said to myself:  What the heck! I’ll just write a post and be done with it!

The lesson that I keep learning over and over and over again is this:

The desire to be perfect will never leave me.  It has taken a very deep root inside of me.  That’s fine!  Because I know that the perfectionist is just a part of me.  She is not ME!  The ME is always stronger than her! 🙂