New moon

I had a moment last week when I pulled my Series 2 papercuts down the shelf, so to speak, from my Etsy shop.

I knew I was to do it. It wasn’t something out of the ordinary.

Right at the beginning when I set up my online shop, I’ve always known that I’ll be producing “series” of papercuts. And each series will have limited shelf life.

Just like Series 1, I had planned out the Instagram announcement weeks before I actually removed Series 2 from my shop. So I should be ok with it.

But no, I was NOT ok with it.

The moment … the moment when I was writing the IG message about it, it all came crashing down on me.

|  the tears from thousands of crying  |

|  the dashing of hopes after hopes after hopes  |

|  the voiceless screams of rage inside of me  |

These are the things that I wake up to every day.

I had the faintest idea of how to stop these torments.  But I knew one thing for sure …

I have to make a conscious and deliberate choice to stand my ground, to show up to my creative work come rain or shine.

|| this choice is made at each and every single one of my wakeful moments ||

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