Trending on Bored Panda … (really …)

My papercut is trending on Bored Panda

Just found this out …

You see that yellow Buttercup and Crystals Papercut underneath the Paper Art Trending section on Bored Panda?  It is one of my creation.

I’m writing this not because I want to brag or boast or that I’m so full of it.  This is about recording every tiny little success to keep me going with my creative work.

To be an artist is not easy, NOT easy at all.  There are so many heartaches and disappointments on a daily basis that I promise you, you’ll feel like drowning as soon as you get out of bed.  (Maybe that’s not your case, but it surely is mine.)

So if you got any mentions anywhere (online and offline), record it!  Make a blog post of it, announce it in Instagram, write it in your diary or journal.   And don’t worry just how trivial or insignificant that mention is.  Do it!  Because these mentions are your milestones.  They are the results of your blood, sweat and tears.

And I’m saying to MySelf:  WELL DONE!


  • Thank you very much Bored Panda.
  • The beautiful ladies in white paper costumes in the main feature area are done by the amazing paper artist Asya Kozina. Absolutely divine!

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