Etsy Design Award – Finalist


A Papercut of Milkweed and 23 Crystal Wands WHITE full shot

My entry to the Etsy Design Award – Milkweed and 23 Crystal Wands Papercut

(Can’t believe I waited this long to write this post.  No one to blame but myself!)

I’ve been made,  (a few weeks ago),  a Finalist of the Etsy Design Awards 2015 under the category of Art, Illustration and Papergoods.  The winner will be announced on 26/08.

I applied for the award way back on June when I received, you know, one of those general Etsy Seller notifications.  I thought why not, filled out the online form, hit the submit button and forgot the whole thing til …!

Though I’ve got the news a few weeks ago, but even now that I’m writing about it, it still feels very unreal to me.

I mean I’m just plain old me making papercuts day in day out and struggling to sell my work online.  Being named a finalist of any awards is definitely not on my to-do-list.  So you could imagine the shock that ran through my body when I got the email.  I still can’t quite describe how I felt, except this:

Being named a finalist of such esteem award is like having an official stamp to declare that I’m now a “proper” Papercut Artist!  I’m forever grateful!



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