never Give Up

Never Never Never Give Up notecard on the wall

We all hear people telling us not to give up of our dream or whatever you’re doing. But how many people would sit down next to a struggling person and tell him/her that they understand their urges to throw up the towels and call for the day!

– Do you know how many times when I walk to my work table, all I want is to go to the beach and join all the holiday makers around me to have fun?  (Yes, here in Australia it is summer holiday!) Most of the time!

– While I’m waiting for my first Etsy sales to materialise, other creatives are selling their works like hot cakes.  It hurts!

– Social media has become almost a must for any new creatives to promote their works, but it could also easily grind you down when other creatives have gather 10k+ followers and you have only a few!  It sucks!

All I’m saying is:  Next time when you want to cheer your mates up, take time to step back and let them finish their “I suck talk”! Because chances are … they are like me!

I know I’m good at my work.  So finish the sucky talk and get back to work!  The successful creatives are my guides to show me that it is all possible!

Never Never Never Give Up!Winston Churchill


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