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The first post is always the most intimidating one.  You want to impress people. You want them to like you. You want them to come back for more.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it. Anyway, this is what I’m going to do …

If you’ve already visited my “About” page, you’ll know my name (Jamie), what I do (Papercut Artist), my whereabout (Sunshinecoast, Queensland of Australia), and the purpose of this blog (to share the ups and downs of my creative life and journey). Plus I’ll also be doing a fair bit of promotion of my Etsy shop. Hope you don’t mind! (And if that is too much, just skip to the next post!)

Now, the above is just the bare basic. I’ll tell you a bit more about ME.

HJ First Kind 1 copyApart from being Jamie, I also think of myself as Hybrid J, hence my blog name. Why? Simply put, I’m the first of my kind. You know that saying: “There’s no one like you.” Am I that special or unique? Yes and No. As much as I’m an individual, you won’t notice me if I walk into a room.

But on a deeper level, being a Hybrid is very true to me. For my entire life, I never feel like I fit into any place or any group. Most of the time I feel like I’m an in-between.  It looks something like this:

  • I’m an Australian Chinese who’s been here for the last 17 years. Yes, it’s a long time but when comparing to the local born Aussies, there’re still lots of things that I don’t know or don’t understand about this wonderful country.
  • I’ve only become a full time artist this last year and before that, my entire life is all about being a full time worker. Never in my wildest dream I would imagine myself to be self-employed! And to become an Artist or more specifically a Papercut Artist, forget about it!
  • While most people at my age group would be satisfied to work a paid job, own a house, have a family and looking forward to retirement, I do exactly the opposite.

Now tell me how would I NOT feel like a Hybrid! But hey, I love it and I’m proud of it!

I think I’ll end this post right here for now! Hopefully this will give you enough of a hook to come back for more.

Til then, Stay Creative and Enjoy LIFE! 😉

2 thoughts on “Namesake

  1. Madnessasmantra says:

    Definitely hooked! Love your work and your thoughts! I think that it’s this big old mix that makes a person so special! I applaud your leap to the Full Time Artist clan! Looking forward to following your work!


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